25 hours in Zurich

Zurich is situated along Limmat River, nested on the northern end of Lake Zurich and offering great vistas of the Alps in the distance. Apart from being the largest city in Switzerland and country’s cultural, financial and touristic capital, it has been emerging as central Europe’s trendiest destination. Here is how we spent our 25 hours in Zurich with the help of the amazing 25hours Hotels Zurich West!

P.s.: We would highly recommend spending more time than that in this vibrant city and this unique hotel!

25 hours in zurich

25hours Hotel Zurich West is all about uniqueness, coziness and details! All rooms were designed by Swiss designers and are ranked in three categories, providing a perfect stay for businessmen, couples, families and solo travelers alike. Rooms are colorful, spacious, and as a result of cooperation with local artists and designers, uniquely decorated and equipped. Even door handles and toilet paper holders were specially made for the hotel.

25hours hotel zurich west

Useful items like Swiss-made Fritag bags, all natural shampoo and soap, original bed blankets, alternative Zurich guides, portable speakers and many other interesting things that can be found in the rooms can also be bought in the kiosk in hotel’s lobby. What a treat!

25hours hotel zurich west

Oh, yeah, and there’s a rooftop sauna. Someone pinch us!

25hours hotel zurich west

Since our time in Zurich was limited to two days, we wanted to make the most of it and that was where the perks of staying at 25hours Hotel really came through! As their guest, you have the opportunity to take one of their MINI fleet out for a free spin! How cool is that?! Of course we were down for a ride and took the MINI on a cruise around Lake Zurich.

25 hours in zurich MINI

While a car might be the best option to go with when exploring outside of the city, bikes and scooters make navigating the charming streets of Zurich super easy. You can easily rent them at the 25hours Hotel’s reception – they really think of everything, don’t they?

25 hours in zurich bicycle

Since the pedestrian zone makes for a big part of Zurich’s old town, the best way to explore the narrow alleys and hidden parks is on foot. Park the bike at one of many parking racks and make your way to Lindenhof Hill. Don’t forget to bring some food and enjoy a picnic with a view! Speaking of views, the towers of Grossmünster Church offer the best panorama in town. You can literally observe everyday city life for hours from up there!

25 hours in zurich

Although there’s plenty of shopping options in Zurich, Viadukt is probably the trendiest shopping mall out there. Even if you’re not in spending mood, stroll along this old railway viaduct where boutiques, galleries and restaurants found their place in this vibrant and hip city.

25 hours in zurich viaduct

And as if all the above mentioned features of 25hours Hotel Zurich West weren’t enough to convince you this is THE place to stay at while in Zurich, there is hotel’s own NENI Restaurant. Decorated in modern yet cozy style, NENI offers a variety of international dishes where everyone can find something for their taste. As vegans, we were beyond ecstatic to have had so many options to choose from! BTW, the Hummus Trio is to die for!

25hours hotel neni restaurant

Have you been to Zurich yet? Do you have a favorite place in the city? Let us know in the comments below!

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Following Sunsets stayed with 25hours Hotel Zurich West as guests and highly recommends its services. A big thank you to the amazingly welcoming and helpful staff for making our stay so enjoyable and memorable! All opinions are our own.

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